Plumber League City TX

Abacus Plumbing Serving League City, TX

We have been keeping the cost of plumbing repair low in League City, TX for years. In times like these, our residential and commercial clients really appreciate that. If you feel the League City plumber you’ve hired in the past preformed a poor job and/or charged too much, call anytime.

Emergency League City Plumber

We answer our phones 24/7 to better serve you in your hour of need. Plumbing problems seemingly crop up when you least expect: nights and weekends. We want you to know we will be available for leaking water heaters, sewer clogs, gas leaks and other plumbing problems that just can’t wait.

Water Heater Installation and Repair by Your League City Plumber

The water heater you have is over ten years old. It’s one of those low quality, energy hog, builder’s grade tank water heaters. Don’t wait until it springs a leak of stops working. You are wasting resources and money on high energy bills.

If… No… When it leaks, it could do thousands of dollars of damage before you can cut off the water supply. (That brings up a good point: Do you know where the shut off valve is to the water heater AND the whole house?)

Sewer Repair League City

Our League City plumbers are knowledgeable and experienced in making quick repairs to sewer lines. When raw sewage backs up into your home, your house will suffer thousands of dollars of damage and your family will be exposed to harmful bacteria. The truck the plumber will arrive in will have video sewer inspection equipment and it will be used to discover the nature of the blockage and the location of needed sewer repair.

Your League City Plumber Service Area

We service both residential and commercial accounts in all of Houston, TX and League City including:

  1. South Houston
  2. Clear Lake City
  3. Taylor Lake Village
  4. El Largo
  5. Seabrook
  6. Nassau Bay
  7. Webster
  8. Kemah
  9. Bacliff
  10. Dickenson
  11. Santa Fe
  12. Alvin and
  13. Friendswood communities.